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Jerry Burchfield

Jerry Burchfield gained recognition for his work as photographer, environmental activist, author, curator, historian and educator.  His powerful photographic work is environmentally responsive, exploring the ideas of change, natural process, interaction, and physical connections. For a period stretching over 10 years, Burchfield celebrated and recorded the exotic beauty of threatened flora and fauna by a technique called “Lumen prints”; direct exposures of plant cuttings to photographic paper.   These images move beyond the decorative, outside the scientific, and above the formal.  Through this photographic technique that nods back to the 19th century photo pioneers and inventors of photograms, Burchfield quietly collaborated directly with the form and rhythms of the natural elements reflected in his work.

Burchfield’s also pioneered The Legacy Project, the non-profit, collaborative effort documenting the closing of Orange County’s 4700-acre El Toro Marine Base and its evolution into the long-anticipated Great Park of Orange County. Abandoned structures, isolated cypresses, lonely railroad tracks and barbed-wire fences hidden in eerie yet serene, fog-filled landscapes are metaphorical and engaging.

In 2009 after a long battle with cancer Jerry Burchfield passed away.. Burchfield received numerous awards including a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship. His work has been highly received throughout the United States, Europe and Japan. He was a Professor of Photography and Photography Gallery Director at Cypress College, Cypress, CA and co-founded the Laguna Wilderness Press.

Jerry Burchfield photographer


Passiflora Edulis
Lumen Print
35 x 29 inches