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Wayne Forte

WAYNE FORTE's paintings are full of light and playfulness, but at the same time they're unshakably grounded and solid. His canvases teem with motion, life, and color. Forte strives to find a balance between common symbols and fresh vision: Wristwatches, fruit, animals, plants, angels, cityscapes, and superman form exuberant constellations in these joyous collages of color and symbol.

“I know I will never completely shed this language or way of thinking but I have realized that Modernism was never meant to express the nature of man's relationship to God or to the Biblical narrative which tells us about God. Therefore I am reaching back to old liturgical forms (tallits, ziziths, icons, reliquaries, banners, flannel-graphs, chalk-talks) discarded by Modernism, and trying to breathe new life into them by taking a Post-Modern approach. I can say that these "out-moded" forms do provide a fertile ground and appropriate structure for my artistic goals.

Wayne Forte painting

Bottlebrush and Lemons
Mixed media on paper
43" x 49"