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Laura Parker

Laura Parker’s photography continues to explore and engage with the products, tools and “mythic manifestations” of what she classifies as, “the most sacred of common spaces”, the Kitchen. Parker states: “My current project, the digital/photographic revelation of the bottoms of pots and pans, is another series of by-products from my ongoing, and certainly universal, “kitchen centered” bodily maintenance. The daily contact between metals, fire and heat and a variety of foods and products catalyzes change imperceptibly, on the undersides of these cooking utensils. That these near abstractions can be compared to planets, individual and clustered, and otherwise range from the “optical” to seemingly “archaeological” is pleasing to my sense of aesthetic…. My work proposes observation and documentation not for the sake of “Proof” but rather, for a surprising, perceptually based Pleasure”.

Laura Parker received her MFA from Cal Arts, continues to reside in Southern California and holds teaching positions at University of California Riverside, Pasadena City College and Los Angeles City College.

Laura Parker photograph


Pot Bottom 001 - star
Ultrachrome inkjet print