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Alex Couwenberg

The exhibition title Long Play references the artist’s love for music but also his long, consistent dedication to making art. A dedication and consistency which is, at its best, a form of play and adventure for the artist.

Borrowing from Shana Nys Dambrot 2016 essay on Alex, her succinct summary on the artist describes him as an “imperfectionist in the house of precision, a humanist in the realm of instruments. His handmade hard-edge abstraction privileges the physicality of the artistic process and the scars left by the creativist gesture, within an aesthetic tradition that eschews both. His radial, vectorized color blocking and interpretive mathematics are tethered to Southern California art history in certain salient and well-analyzed ways. But in speaking to the contemporary zeitgeist, Couwenberg expresses himself by combining several kinds of styles and techniques in singular compositions that transcend those Mid-Century foundations to create edifices of today’s visual plurality. Confronting his works, one takes an automatic optical inventory of their variegated, topographical textures; you can feel yourself seeing, noticing that the act of sight is physical not just informational. This is intellectually rigorous work speaking a language of intuition – or perhaps it’s the other way around.”

Alex Couwenberg

Alex Couwenberg
Sugar Coast, 2016
Acrylic on canvas
48" x 46"