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Julie Easton

“Frequencies” series is a meditative interweaving of art inspired by music, sunlight and fragments of everyday paper. Ubiquitous, overlooked scraps of paper from our everyday lives, such as dry cleaning tags and torn cash register tape, become the artist’s core materials for this series. Easton reveals that these fragments of paper have their own unique form and allure – the beautiful block type font on the dry cleaning tags, the gentle curve of the cash register receipt. Bits of detritus that are normally ripped off, crumpled and discarded are instead, cloaked in artist’s beeswax, resin and dye, meticulously layered one by one, to transform the independent elements into a calming, intriguing and complex compositions.

Through this series, Easton hopes to convey the unanticipated beauty of everyday forms.

Julie Easton

Julie Easton
Frequencies 1017
Dry cleaning tags, beeswax, resin, dye
40 x 40”