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The Frostig Collection

THE FROSTIG CENTER is recognized as a leader in research on teaching students with learning disabilities. The program has helped kids overcome the social and learning problems associated with dyslexia, autism, Asperger syndrome, ADHD, and other disabilities. They help children to become more confident and successful in their studies and every day activities with the help of a full-time social skills specialist.

The Frostig Collection was started in 2005 by Chris and Celia Piazza as a way to raise funds to continue research and education at the Center. It includes work created and donated by such prominent artists as Charles Arnoldi, Gary Baseman, Frank Gehry, Robert Graham, Michael McMillen, Ed Moses, Gwynn Murrill, R. Kenton Nelson, Sarah Perry, Ken Price, Allison Saar, Lynda Benglis, Larry Bell, Brad Howe, Matt Johnson, Nancy Rubins, Guy Dill, Lita Albuquerque and Michael Kalish.

2010 Collection

The Frostig Collection of art

Michael Kalish
Tailgates on brushed steel base
8 x8 x8”