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Heart Sequential

Eric Johnson is often described as California’s most important second-generation Finish Fetish or even Light and Space artist. He is that, and more. In his work, he unites two traditions in Southern California art: the one based on the use of perfectly finished 20th Century technology and materials, and - underneath – the one based on the old tradition of woodworking. This combination sets Eric’s work apart from any other artist associated with these two tendencies.
The primary series in this exhibition (Heart Sequential) is meant to be experienced on many levels. Each individual work on its own is intended to inspire an exploration of light, color and transparency. While moving from piece to piece it is my aim that people start to sense the many facets of the heart and acknowledge any memories that the work might invoke.
For me, the transparency and depth within each piece spurs fond memories about fishing. I find that I get lost in the depth and clarity of each work similar to the way I do when I'm on a lake or river; surrounded by a body of water and experiencing peaceful moments in time.

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson
Maraschino Heart
Composite resin
22 x 18 x 9"