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Steve Klein

"My work is influenced by the chaos in our daily lives, the struggle for self control and inner peace as well as an appreciation of the beauty that mankind has always managed to find in life. I try to portray feelings within the glass, so that the material becomes a part of the sensitivity.

Geometric shapes, color, stripes, line, texture and their functions and meanings intrigue me. The square and circle are the oldest formal shapes and form the basis for all other shapes. My recent work explores the relationship and conflict between shapes, color, stripes, line and texture. The "Exploration Series" and the "Resolution Series" seeks to present work that resolves conflict and pulls together form, color, line, and texture into a cohesive whole. The "Seeking Light" series places an even greater importance on the material. Within the stripes, for a fleeting moment, one discovers the movement, light and luminous essence of glass."

Steve Klein glass sculpture


Steve Klein
Exploration 98, Maquette 16

17 x 17 x 6"