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Ann Mallory

ANN MALLORY’s ceramic and bronze Contemplation Vessels express three dimensionally a focus on the quiet, spiritual essence of containment.  Her ceramic Casings are inspired by the self-excreted or self-constructed protection many insects create for metamorphosis to occur.  The Ceramic and Iron Sculptures frame the beauty of fruit, and unseen spaces between fruit, piled in containers.  The iron is a three dimensional sketch defining the space within which to consider the lusciousness of these forms.  All of her work celebrates the ceremonial, contemplative, reverential needs of humans to have objects that elevate the rituals of living.

"All of us go through profound life changes at one time or another. My Casings are sculptural vessels metaphorically protecting a spiritual, emotional condition of vulnerability. Self-created protection is essential while the life within is dramatically changing. When the casing is no longer needed, it is opened from within."


Ann Mallory ceramic sculpture

Casing #21
32" x 18"