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Sally Storch  DIALOGUES

Dialogues showcases contemporary figurative paintings by two artists, Sally Storch and Paula Rubino.

Both artists create narrative compositions that reference a subtle influence from American Art of the early 20th century. As with the work of Thomas Hart Benton and Edward Hopper, Storch's work offers a pure vision of ordinary people unsentimentally portrayed. Her paintings are made up of intricate scenarios, each person living their own tale and going about their private lives, while we as viewers attempt to unravel a narrative around the work. Sally Storch received her B.A. from USC and currently resides and works in Pasadena. By contrast, Paula Rubino received much of her training abroad via an apprenticeship with Odd Nerdrum in Norway and studies at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. Her paintings are marked by stark, sometimes quirky subjects which allow traditional European painting techniques to merge amidst her loose, contemporary compositions of objects and figures. Rubino maintains studios in Florence, Florida and Finland.

Sally Storch

Sally Storch
Oil on canvas, 2012
43 x 37"