The serious collector is often too busy themselves to be overly concerned with the management of the collection and would prefer to simply enjoy the art. The maintenance of art is critical, but time consuming.  Professional management can preserve the serious collector’s valuable assets.


We will oversee every aspect of a private collection or corporate collection including:

  • Research, catalogue and record in a specific database every component in the collection
  • Perform annual inspections for condition reports
  • Set up and maintain current artist information files as they pertains to the collection ie: art reviews, current invitations, articles, catalogues, books, etc.
  • Conduct market research necessary to obtain current, up to date valuation for each work
  • Set up and monitor competitive Art Insurance
  • Administer correct Storage, Installation, and Atmospheric Security
  • Arrange for shipping, framing, photography, loan agreements, lighting and security of artworks
  • Oversee invoicing


Estate Services:

    • Developing strategies to manage Trust and Estates with significant holdings in art
    • Help making decisions about Bequests, and the timing of dispersal methods
    • Obtaining probate appraisals