SCAPE | southern california art projects + exhibitions

— provides expert art advisory services and showcases premier artists and exhibitions



Consultation, Education, Exploration, Recommendation and Installation


Trust, Objectivity, Perspective and Ease: Decisions are not vested with specific artists or works of art. Trust and confidentiality are paramount to each selection process.

Connoisseurship: Discerning eyes cultivated through years of education and experience that hone in on quality art grounded in a thorough understanding of today’s contemporary art market.


Gallery Exhibitions

SCAPE features a calendar of rotating exhibitions showcasing talented mid-career and emerging artists. These are comprised of strong and thought provoking artworks with inherent value that will endure and stand the test of time.

SCAPE exhibits artworks in a variety of mediums including (but not limited to) painting, works on paper, photography, free standing and/or wall mounted sculptures, and site specific installations. The unifying factor behind our philosophy is quality, rather than commonality of artistic styles or medium.